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Part Number: V25E115
Motor: 3 bypass motors
Voltage (50/60 hz): 1 phase, 115v
Amperage: 19.5 amp
Motor Power: 3.4 hp / 2.5 kW
Main Filter: Conical Filter
Filter Surface: 43 sq.ft
Filter Cleaning: Manual
Hepa Surface: 21.5 sq.ft.
Airflow (max): 286 cfm
Vacuum (max): 81 waterlift
Longopac: yes
Main Vacuum Hose: 2.5in x 32ft
Hose for Wand: 50mm x 6.6m
Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.5x23x63in
Weight (lbs): 209

Lavina 25E vacuum, 286 cfm, 81 waterlift, 1ph x 115V, 19.5amp, 3 bypass motors


  • 3-stage dust collection (cyclone, conical filter and Hepa).
  • New filter chamber design with smaller dimensions but more space for dust.
  • Improved conical filter made of the best filter material in the industry (thermally bonded PTFE membrane with ALU coating for excellend dust release; hydrophobic; antistatic); new seals;
  • Additional 3rd valve for dust release before and after filter cleaning without stopping the vacuum.
  • On electric models, the motors have separate valves and work independently from each other, so vacuum continues to work even if one motor is down.
  • Easy access to the HEPA filter.
  • Completely metal construction with innovative design, smaller and lighter for easier transportation.
  • Option to attach 6.5” air duct.
  • New, easier to mount Longopac attachment.
  • Adjustable hood clamps.