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UV & TLC Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of resin is contained in DiamaPro UV-HS Plus?

A. It is an aliphatic urethane

Q. How many components?

A. The material is one-component, but the system is two components – Material plus the curing light

Q. What is a curing light?

A. It is a portable light similar in size to a lawnmower, 15”-26” in  width. It produces high intensity ultraviolet light in a specific wavelength to react with and cure the material.

Q. How do you cure the floor without walking in wet material?

A. It’s like cutting grass, you have long grass in front of the mower and short grass behind. You have wet material in front of the curing light and cured material behind it. You walk behind the curing light as you move across the floor walking on cured material.

Q. How fast can you drive a forklift on it after it has been cured?

A. As soon as you have run the light over the area it is ready for normal service.

Q. Do you need the curing light?

A. Yes, without the curing light the material will never cure

Q. How does the light cure the material, Heat?

A. No, the temperature has nothing to do with the curing process. The material contains a photo initiator that reacts with the high intensity ultraviolet light producing the catalyst which in turn produces a cured film.

Q. How fast do you push the light?

A. We recommend using a self-propelled curing light. These models have a preset speed that the light will travel at. Using a self-propelled model, you will be at the highest production rate possible. Pushing a manual light at a constant speed is difficult and can be fatiguing.

Q. How much does a curing light weigh?

A. 15” – 75lbs.     26” – 350lbs.    6” hand-held – 55lbs

Q. How much do they cost?

A. 15” -$12,000.00   26”-$20,000.00 6” hand-held - $3,000.00

Q. How do you cure under a conveyor or kick plate or stair treads?

A. We have hand-held curing lights for low clearance areas.

Q. Does the system require a primer?

A. There are two options, one with and one without a primer. The primer, DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus, comes in clear and pigmented. If you want a fast, durable protected floor, two coats of Diama-Pro UV-HS Plus is fine. If your customer wants a natural, concrete appearance, DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus Clear is used as the primer. The DiamaPro UV-HS Plus System produces a “wet look”. The primer also slows down the penetration of the first coat of DiamaPro UV-HS Plus. This allows you to develop a more uniform film with the first coat. Without it, your first coat will appear splotchy. The second coat will fill this in. On some, very absorptive floors, a primer is very beneficial to minimize over absorbing.

Q. Does the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus come in colors?

A. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus only comes as a clear coat. If color is being required, DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus should be used. We have 13 standard colors along with clear. Custom colors can be produced using the clear material and any universal waterborne tinting system. It's very similar to tinting a waterborne house pause paint.

Q. What is DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus?

A. DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus is a reactive primer/colorant that not only imparts color to a cement-based substrate it also hardens the surface to increase the long-term durability. It provides an excellent surface for DiamaPro UV-HS Plus and DiamaPro Diama-TLP to bond to.

Q. Is DiamaPro Diama-TLC plus cured with a curing light?

A. No, it is a one component waterborne material that dries in 1 hour and final cure is within 7 days. Although it isn’t fully cured within 7 days it can be top coated and put into service after the topcoat has cured. This means if you are using DiamaPro UV-HS Plus as the recommended topcoat, the area can be put into service as soon as the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus has been cured with the curing light. Topcoat application time is within 2 hours.

Q. How do you apply the DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus?

A. Using the “dip and roll” method is best. Using an 18”-1/2” nap high quality roller the material is very easy to apply.

Q. How many coats of the DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus do I need to apply?

A. The number of coats needed is concrete and color dependent. If the concrete is showing coarse aggregate and/or very porous, more coats will be needed. The lighter the color, the more coats will be required to obtain full color. Maximum number of coats is 4.

Q. How is the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus applied?

A. Use a 16”-18” window squeegee to convey the material to the area and a ¼ microfiber nap roller to even the coating out. Crosshatching your rolling pattern will facilitate this process.

Q. What is the chemical resistance of the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus?

A. Its been tested with positive results using common household chemicals. We have tested it with 32% hydrochloric acid for 24 hours and Skydrol LD-4 for 14 days showing no issues.

Q. Does DiamaPro UV-HS Plus have an odor?

A. Everything has an odor. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus has a slight odor that is eliminated once cured. It has been used in active facilities with no odor issues reported.

Q. What is the coverage rate for the DiamaPro UV-HS Plus?

A. Approximately 950 sq.ft./gal.

Q. What is the surface preparation method for the system?

A. No matter if you are using the primer or not, a planetary grinder ending with a 50-100 grit hybrid tool is enough. If your client is not concerned with a slight scratch pattern,you could end on a 50-grit metal bond tool. Always do a thorough vacuuming and auto-scrub after your last cut with the grinder removing imbedded cement dust.

Q. What is Microban product protection?

A. Microban technology is the world's most recognized anti-microbial additive in the world.

Q. How does Microban technology work?

A. Microban technology attacks the reproductive system of the cell dramatically affecting its ability to reproduce. Cells double in numbers every 20 minutes. By slowing this down, the coated area will remain cleaner longer.

Q. Do I have to order the Microban product protection as an extra?

A. No, everyone of our products with the word “Plus” in its name contains Microban technology. This way you will get the needed protection in every gallon.

Q. Which of the DiamaPro materials contain Microban product protection?

A. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus  DiamaPro Diama-TLC Plus DiamaPro Diama-Joint Fill Plus

Q. What are the safety concerns with the system?

A. Mercury vapor bulb – if broke, dispose of it according to local regulations

b. Ozone – the lamp produces ozone. If in a small contained area, adding additional ventilation is required. Fan or air-scrubber is adequate.

c. High intensity UV – Wear protective gloves, eye wear, long sleeve shirts, face shield when using the hand-held light.

d. Most humans are allergic to something. We require all workers that could contact the material or are curing wear a protective Tyvek suit and disposable gloves. This will keep the material from contacting with your skin.

e. If skin is contacted with the material, remove it from the contacted area immediately with an industrial hand cleaner. DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE INTO THE SUNLIGHT WITH MATERIAL ON YOUR SKIN. It will partially cure.

Q. What are the markets the system been used in?

A. Warehousing, automotive, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, educational, institutional. Anywhere a high-performance thin mil coating is required.