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Quick Change Plates for X Machines

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The Quick Change system is a tooling alternative replacing Superabrasive's old 7 and 9 inch button plates for Lavina Pro, making for a simpler, reusable system for metals. Instead of buttons that are welded to single-use "disposable" plates, the Quick Change system features replaceable trapezoid pads that easily slide in and out of a reusable plate - no bolting required! Instead of bolts or screws, the metal bonded trapezoid pads are held into place by a tapered "dovetail" system, further strengthened by a magnetic backing, making tool changes a breeze!

** Please note X-Series Tooling can be used on X-Series and older model machines, but older model tooling cannot be used on X-Series machines. 

  • Produced in 7, 8, 9, and 13.2 inch sizes, to accommodate any size Lavina machine, as well as other machines on the market
  • Plates can now be reused many times
  • Less shipping costs and greater long-term cost savings for Lavina Pro customers
  • Extremely fast and convenient tool changes
  • Long tool life
  • We offer tools with either 1 or 2 buttons, which allows you to customize the aggressiveness of the cut for any job or application
  • QuickChange tooling is available for soft, medium, and hard concrete
  • QC tooling may be bolted on other machines other than Lavina PRO

Plates are available for all X-Series machines. Sizes include:

  • 7 inch for Lavina 7/16 X Machines
  • 7 inch for Lavina 21 X Machines
  • 9 inch for Lavina 20/20N/25/25L/32/32M X Machines
  • 13.2 inch for Lavina 13/30L/30G/38GR X Machines
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