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SCAR10-G & SVX3+A Starter Pack

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DP-SCAR10-G & SVX3+A Package (ver24.1)-SW

The SCAR10-G starter pack is perfect for heavy coating and concrete removal jobs. The gas-powered scarifier along with an SVX3+A dust collector with automatic filter cleaning allows an array of projects to be completed.

Package includes:

  • SCAR10-G Gas Scarifier
  • SVX3+A Automatic Vacuum
  • 2 Boxes of Infinity Bags
  • HGP-5 Package
  • DT-CW-5-STAR-2XHC-0016-T
  • DT-CW-5-STAR-2XHC-3040-T
  • DT-CW-5-10SEG-T
  • DT-CW-5-20SEG-T
  • DT-CW-5-ASEG-T
  • x3 DiamaGloves
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