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JSX-10 & SVX2-M Starter Pack

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DP-JSX-10 & SVX2-M Package (ver24.1)-SW

The DiamaPro 10” Joint Saw is engineered to be a powerful and mobile saw that outperforms the competition for cutting and cleaning out existing control joints. Producing zero emissions using a powerful electric power head and the integrated 2-inch dust port. Its powerful structure makes this saw perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, being able to handle any job. Paired with the SVX2-M, the DP-JSX-10 is virtually dustless.

Package includes:

  • JSX-10 Joint Saw
  • SVX2-M Manual Vacuum
  • Box of Infinity Bags
  • x2 PDC-2PD8090
  • x2 PDC-2PD8250
  • x3 DiamaGloves
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