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Featured Chemical - DiamaPro Systems' Diama-Color

Featured Chemical - DiamaPro Systems' Diama-Color

1st Aug 2022

Diama-Color is a proprietary micro dye formulated to penetrate and impart color within the polished concrete process. Diama-Color adds color to a polished concrete surface or in "dye and seal" process. Water or a VOC-compliant solvent (acetone) can be used as the carrier. Diama-Color is enhanced with a penetrating aid to ensure the dye absorbs into the honed concrete surface. UV buffers have been incorporated into the formula to retain bright and true colors.  


  • To add color to a polished or due and sealed concrete floor
  • may be diluted in water for a safe, easy way to impart color
  • for optimum results use in conjunction with DiamaPro Diama-Hard Plus, DiamaPro Diama-Guard HG Plus, DiamaPro DiamaGuard PSR Plus

Watch the video at this link on our YouTube Channel to see the technical information, recommended accessories, and more information about Diama-Color. DiamaPro Systems Coating Specialist, Scott Thome, goes into depth discussing the uses, technical info and benefits!