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Concrete Surface Profile Guide

Concrete Surface Profile Guide

6th Jun 2023

When it comes to concrete restoration, proper surface preparation of existing concrete is essential for success including resurfacers, polymer-modified or self-leveling overlays, sealers, coatings, or stains. It is important you know the surface condition requirements for the specific product you plan to use. Taking steps to correctly prepare the existing concrete surface will save you time and money, and can substantially reduce the possibility of coating failure. 

Our Concrete Surface Profile Inspection Guide helps determine the desired surface profile (SP1-SP10) of your concrete or asphalt and indicates the proper surface prep equipment and diamond tooling required for achieving it during the preparation process. A surface profile can be created through a variety of tools, equipment, or materials - all conveniently available at Niagara Machine!

A surface profile of concrete or asphalt is a number associated with the material’s desired roughness or texture and its general appearance. It helps in determining if the surface is fit for a specific purpose. Roughness can be an indicator for:

  • Wear-ability
  • Friction coefficients
  • Performance in terms of cracks or corrosion
  • Adhesive properties 

Each profile has a corresponding number, ranging from SP1 (nearly flat) to SP10 (extremely rough). A surface profile is a measurement of the average distance from the peak of the surface to the valleys on a substrate. These are accepted industry standards to help guide the contractor and achieve the proper texture for successful bonding of the overlay or coating.

Niagara Machine carries a full line of Lavina, DiamaPro Systems, Terrco floor grinders, DiamaPro Systems scarifiers and scrapers, BlastPro shot blasters and floor scrapers, and an extensive selection of diamond tooling compatible with most floor grinders. You can also find more helpful guides in our Resources section!