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Concrete Grinding and Polishing and Rentals

Concrete Grinding and Polishing and Rentals

2nd Mar 2023

Did you know you could rent concrete preparation equipment quickly and easily with Niagara? Our rental partners Sunbelt Flooring Solutions make renting concrete floor grinders, shot blasters, floor scrapers, and other concrete equipment convenient. This is a great source for those who want to give surface prep "DIY" a go!

Not only is renting equipment easy with Niagara & Sunbelt, but it also saves time and money. Building Services Management Magazine recently posted a great article featuring the Niagara Machine and Sunbelt Flooring Solutions partnership and the convenience of renting concrete floor grinding and polishing equipment through us! 

If you need a piece of equipment but aren't ready to add it to your fleet just yet, renting is a great option! Niagara has a wide variety of industrial-grade concrete rental equipment for jobs big and small.

You can check out the article here.  The article explains how our equipment is rented through a Sunbelt Rentals Flooring Solutions location and then the staff completing the surface prep job is trained by our "highly qualified, factory trained, experienced Niagara Machine rep." 

According to BSMMAG, "'Sunbelt Rentals Flooring Solutions offers a wide range of equipment options, so self-performers can find the best tools for their specific needs. Furthermore, the equipment is well-maintained and serviced, ensuring that it's in good condition and ready to use whenever it's needed,' said Jeff Harper of Niagara Machine." 

The article goes on to explain the rental and polishing process. This includes the initial equipment rental, the hands-on equipment training by Niagara Machine, The surface preparation, the grinding process, densifying, and polishing.

In this facility, the DiamaPro Systems ROG-60 ride-on floor grinder was used "for its efficiency in grinding and polishing quickly, as well as its ease of use." The Lavina L30GEB propane walk-behind floor grinder was used for "more precise grinding and polishing in tight spaces." 

The facility also utilized DiamaPro Systems SVX dust collectors to help maintain a clean work environment and control harmful dust particulates produced during the concrete preparation process. 

A DiamaPro Systems densifier and sealer were also used to help extend the life of the newly polished floor. There are several benefits of polishing concrete floors. The article lists these benefits in depth including, durability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, aesthetics, and safety. 

We make it so easy to get a rental quote - all you have to do is fill out an online form - and a team member contacts you to help decide which piece of equipment will best fit your job site needs!

Fill out our rental form here and get a quote today!

With locations nationwide, Sunbelt Rentals and Niagara Machine are the ideal rental partners - For concrete grinder rentals, industrial vacuum rentals or even additional job site accessories.