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New Product Line from DiamaPro Systems - Niagara Machine

New Product Line from DiamaPro Systems - Niagara Machine

2nd Nov 2021

We are excited to carry the newest product line from DiamaPro Systems - Walk-Behind Concrete Saws. Walk-behind concrete saws with dust control are easy to operate, keep you from working on your hands and knees and reduce the risks associated with concrete dust exposure.

DiamaPro Systems' currently has two models in their concrete floor saws offering: The DP-JSX-10 and the DP-CSX-4.5.

The JSX-10 10" walk-behind joint saw is engineered to be a powerful and mobile saw that outperforms the competition for cutting and cleaning out existing control joints. Producing zero emissions using a powerful electric power head and integrated 2-inch dust port. This DiamaPro Systems' saw produces virtually zero dust while attached to an SVX dust extractor. Its powerful structure makes this saw perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, being able to handle any job. 

The CSX-4.5 Crack Chaser has several key features that make it the most ideal crack chasing tool on the market. Increasing productivity by getting the operator off their hands and knees, it also increases the operator's safety. The swiveling rear casters allow the blade to follow the tightest cracks. The large 2-inch dust port makes the DiamaPro Systems' crack chaser virtually dustless. A thick steel frame helps hold the tool to the ground, keeping the blades secure. The DiamaPro Systems' crack chasing saw is easy to operate, offering unmatches dust control while maintaining superb manuverabulity for chasing cracks.

Learn more about both saws here.