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Featured Chemical - DiamaPro Systems' DiamaGrout

Featured Chemical - DiamaPro Systems' DiamaGrout

13th Jun 2022

Diama-Grout is a high-strength, rapid-setting resinous concrete repair material. It is available in a 600ml cartridge, as well as Two and Five Gallon Units.

Check out a full, detailed video description of DiamaGrout by DiamaPro Systems' Coating Specialist Scott Thome, along with technical info, limitations, and accessories on our YouTube channel or find it in our resources section!


  • to fill spalls, cracks, and pin holes prior to the polishing or coating proces
  • when polishing, a pinhole-free surface will produce a higher gloss level
  • 1:1 mixing ratio. 
  • small batches are obtainable
  • the 100% solids enable deeper repairs
  • extended working time


  • when surface defects will impact the final appearance when polishing or applying a coating
  • when a quick turnaround floor repair is desired
  • shallow spall repair can be obtained without aggregate
  • deep repairs can be obtained with oven-dried aggregate is added