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Cleaning Your Concrete Floor Grinder After Wet Grinding

Cleaning Your Concrete Floor Grinder After Wet Grinding

18th Jan 2022

Running a concrete floor grinder wet can be one way to avoid exposure to harmful silica dust that is created on the jobsite as a result of dry grinding. However, it is important to take care of your equipment afterward to ensure it is maintained and cleaned properly for future use. 

One of our sales representatives, Bert, walked us through the proper way to thoroughly clean a concrete floor grinder after wet grinding to avoid any issues. You can find the video on our YouTube Channel, or you can login/create an account and find it in the Resources section of our Website, but here are the main points to take note of:

  • Fully rinse brush/skirt
  • Pay attention to vac hose port - it gets easily clogged with concrete slurry
  • If using foam plates, remove from machine and thoroughly rinse both foam plates and securing plates
  • Hose out rubber grommets/washers behind grinder heads
  • Make sure all material is off avoid any issues for the next use