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Check Out the New L13G-X Propane Edger - Niagara Machine

Check Out the New L13G-X Propane Edger - Niagara Machine

7th Feb 2019

The Lavina 13-inch walk-behind edger is now offered in a propane model  - that means no cables, no generators, and perfect for job sites where power isn't available. 

As with grinders and vacuums, electrical power is often an issue on the job site because contractors have to deal with wiring issues and generators. Now, contractors can add this new propane edge grinder to their fleet and work entirely cordless.

The L13G-X is ideal for working around walls and edges as well as for spot repair and other small areas. 


  • 13-inch grinding head
  • New adjustable handle bar
  • New splash shield with removable section for working around walls
  • Grinding head is 4” high and fits under shelves
  • Tilt adjustment with improved tilting of head to 45 degrees to dial in perfect head pitch
  • Multi-point leveling system
  • Rollers for preventing wall damage
  • Kawasaki FJ180V engine (5.5 hp)

Financing options are available --- purchase here!