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Case Study: Madison Equine Veterinarians - Niagara Machine

Case Study: Madison Equine Veterinarians - Niagara Machine

9th Jul 2018

DiamaPro Floor Coating Provides Safe, Sanitary Solution for Madison, Georgia Equine Veterinary Service

Located in the heart of Georgia horse country, Piedmont Equine Associates, is a full service equine clinic that cares for both performance and recreational horses. The company is well known for its comprehensive equine medical and surgical care, as well as its dedicated customer service, and it draws clients from as far away as Nashville, TN.

Choosing an appropriate coating for veterinary and health care facilities

Recently, Piedmont undertook a major construction project to add more stalls, a birthing area, and a new operating suite. Safety and sanitation were foremost concerns guiding the planning and construction, particularly in choosing a protective floor coating. Slip resistance, stain and bacterial resistance, low maintenance, and long-term durability under heavy traffic were the primary criteria in selecting a floor coating.

In collaboration with their general contractor, Piedmont reached out to Elite Flooring based in Macon, Georgia, for coating recommendations. Elite has substantial experience in innovative flooring systems, and specializes in solutions for unique and demanding applications. The company is a certified installer of one of the most advanced floor coatings to emerge in recent years—DiamaPro UV HS Plus—and Elite technicians laid out the benefits that DiamaPro could bring to the veterinary service.

Preventing chemical and microbial corrosion

DiamaPro System’s UV HS Plus is a durable urethane coating that protects concrete floors from physical, chemical and microbial corrosion and wear. DiamaPro contains Microban, an anti-microbial additive that minimizes the growth of bacteria by disabling the reproductive system on contact before additional cells can develop. This helps keep the floor cleaner longer and reduces the spread of germs and potential disease.

“Floors in veterinary centers and the healthcare industry in general require optimal protection from caustic and acidic chemical agents,” says Scott Thome, Manager of DiamaPro Systems. “DiamaPro UV HS Plus with Microban is an ideal coating for these conditions. DiamaPro also offers incredible durability and a high co-efficient of friction, and it’s easily cleaned.”

UV curing eliminates odors and allows areas to be inhabited during coating

Unlike conventional urethane floor coatings that are chemically cured, DiamaPro UV HS Plus cures instantly upon contact with high intensity ultraviolet light. Once the light travels over the floor the film is developed and the floor can be immediately used. Both general contractors and their clients embrace this method over chemical curing because it minimizes downtime and efficiently restores floors to usage.

Safe, sanitary and easily cleaned 

DiamaPro UV HS Plus cures to an extremely hard and durable surface, and will not chip, crack or form crevices like epoxies. This eliminates the places where bacteria can grow, resulting in an inherently cleaner and appealing floor. 

A non-skid aggregate may be induced to DiamaPro to optimize traction properties. The tightly cross-linked film can also be cleaned with conventional cleaning solutions, which in turn are selected according to the type of contaminate being removed.

Piedmont approved the application of DiamaPro to the new veterinary floors, and Elite Flooring completed a mock-up area to enable Piedmont personnel to sample the surface preparation process and the performance and appearance of the finished floor. To complete the installation, Elite used surface grinders with diamond tooling to create an open, durable surface profile. Once preparation was completed, two coats of DiamaPro UV-HS Plus coating were applied, each instantly cured with UV lighting.

“Piedmont’s new stalls, birthing room and operating suite have sanitary floors that are highly resistant to microbes and stains. They are safe for the horses and veterinary teams, and can be easily cleaned with routine maintenance,” says Scott Thome. 

“And these benefits will last for years to come.”