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Bush Hammers - Niagara Machine

Bush Hammers - Niagara Machine

1st Dec 2021

Wondering what a bush hammer is used for? A concrete texturing tool from Superabrasive, the bush hammer tool for walk-behind grinders and polishers uses standard QuickChange technology - sliding easily in and out of the plate with no bolting required. It fits all Lavina grinders as well as other grinders using a QC adapter plate. 

According to Superabrasive's website, Lavina Bush Hammer tools, "create a bush-hammered profile on concrete, i.e. a very rough and anti-slip surface, ideal for exterior applications, and are great for removal of thin coatings when prepping the floor for epoxy application. Also, a great tool for exposing large aggregates."

A few years ago, we had one of our sales reps, DJ White, create a step-by-step bush hammer demo on a Lavina 25X grinder. This video can be found on our YouTube channel or at this link. DJ goes over proper installation and operation of Lavina bush hammers on this grinder. 

Bush hammers should be run at low RPMS. The recommended RPM is 550-650. 

You can shop bush hammers here.