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DiamaPro Line Striping System

DiamaPro Line Striping System

26th Sep 2018

The DiamaPro Line Striping System is designed to effectively indicate pedestrian traffic and safety zones, offering many advantages that traditional resin-based systems cannot provide. 

The system consists of a waterborne, UV-cured color coat and a UV-cured clear, protective topcoat. Once the surface has been prepared, only two coats of color and one coat of clear DiamaPro UV-HS Plus are required. With one pass of the ultraviolet light, each coat cured immediately and fuses together producing a solid colored film. There is no lost production or operation time while waiting for striped areas to dry or cure. DiamaPro Line Striping is the quickest and most durable coating system for your floor. 

Employee and visitor safety in your facility will always be an important issue. Keeping danger areas free from unwanted traffic or directing traffic within a safety zone is a method to ensure human safety.