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Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

PCD Diamond Tools

When you need to remove medium or heavy coatings, overcoats, glues, mastics, thinset, or paint from a concrete floor - you need a Polycrystalline Diamond Tool, also known as PCD cutting tools. These are concrete grinding tools that are specifically designed with an aggressive diamond segment that serves as a stabilizer, giving guided depth to your scraping of the thickest of concrete floor coatings, all while following a conventional grinding process. They provide for a higher total square foot lifespan without compromising on a highly productive concrete removal workload. PCD cutting tools are also designed to grind in a specific direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s important to remember that if you are utilizing a rotary machine with counterclockwise rotating heads, you must use a 1/2 clockwise and a 1/2 counterclockwise PCD.

How PCDs Are Manufactured

PCDs are manufactured as a result of a very specific selection of synthetic diamond particles that are fused together in a cobalt mixture before being solidified with a sophisticated, high-pressure, and high-temperature technology. The fusing of the diamond particles creates a high quality, uniformed hardness that is four times stronger than carbide with remarkable wear resistance.

Buy Your PCD Cutting Tools at Niagara Machine

Niagara Machine stocks a full inventory of Lavina and DiamaPro Systems PCD cutting tools that are compatible with most major concrete grinder brands. The SuperAbrasive diamond tooling

DiamaPro Dust Containment

Whenever you are grinding concrete dry, you are creating a large amount of dust that then hangs in your job site environment. Proper dust containment is required by OSHA regulations and when it comes to staying OSHA compliant, the dust containment systems from DiamaPro are a go-to for professional contractors. The Slurry Containment System from DiamaPro is the best solution for slurry containment in a wet environment. If you are grinding concrete in a dry environment, the AS series from DiamaPro air scrubbers is highly recommended.

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