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Resin Bond Diamonds

When you need a resin bond diamond tooling for cutting concrete, concrete grinding, or polishing concrete - you need the resin bond diamond tooling from DiamaPro Systems or Lavina by Superabrasive. There’s a reason why DiamaPro Systems and Lavina by Superabrasive are some of the most trusted names in the professional restoration industry, and their resin pads are included in that trusted brand name.

Impressive Resin Bond Diamonds

The resin bond diamond tooling from DiamaPro Systems and  Lavina by Superabrasive come with an impressive list of well-designed capabilities including:

· Resin pads that come in a variety of sizes from just 3” for smaller surface areas to 7” for large concrete surfaces that receive more foot traffic.

· Expertly manufactured concrete grinding tooling that is designed specifically for use on both wet and dry polishing conditions on concrete and overlayment surfaces.

· Resin bond diamond pads that are designed for a universal fit so you can attach them to any planetary or rotary style grinder, any power trowel systems, and any hand grinder from DiamaPro Systems.

· A wide range of grit level grinding from 30 grit for very coarse surfaces to 300 grit for ultra-fine concrete surfaces.

· A base made of phenolic resin which increases the cutting power of the tooling.

· Highly adaptable beveled edges that smoothly ride onto and over high joints.

All of these impressive features are used regularly by restoration professionals, especially in tandem with DiamaPro’s most popular ride-on-grinder, the ROG-60.

The Right Concrete Polishing for Any Job

After a thorough concrete cutting or concrete grinding process, the next step is to apply a solid coat of polish. When it comes to concrete polishing, DiamaPro Systems and Lavina by Superabrasive have the polishing pads you need for any concrete polishing job.

The concrete polishing pads are designed with a large channel face design. This design is critical in keeping your diamond tooling cool while polishing for long stretches at a time. Keeping your tooling cool while grinding helps to extend the life of both the polishing pad as well as your machinery. This is especially important when using heavier machinery.

High Gloss at Lower Grit Levels

You want your concrete surfaces to shine after a thorough polishing process. The DiamaPro and Lavina by Superabrasive resin pads will help you accomplish that, giving you a higher gloss at lower grit levels, especially when you compare the resin pads with their competitors. This higher gloss at lower grit levels is more than an aesthetic feature, it actually extends the life of your polishing pad and machine. This makes polishing your concrete surfaces with a DiamaPro or Lavina by Superabrasive polishing pad a cost effective strategy. 


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