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 5" Hand Grinder

5" Hand Grinder

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Amps: 13.5
Grinding Wheel: 5"
Rated Input Power: 1550W
Output Power: 900W
No-load Speed: 2800-9600 RPM
Revolutions at rated load: 9600 RPM
Torque: 37 in-lbs
Spindle Thread: 5/8" - 11 UNC
Weight (w/o power cable): 5.5 lbs
Cable Length: 8 ft

5" Metabo Model variable speed grinder and dust shroud OR 5" Metabo Model variable speed grinder and dust shroud, with a DiamaPro SpeediEdge (mini).

The Speedi Edge will enable you to transform your variable speed grinder into an effective corner grinding device. Instead of a diamond grinding wheel, secure the Speedi Edge with the adjustable rod and you're ready to corner grind! 

The Speedi Edge is a simple device that will transform your standard angle grinder or polisher into an effective planer!

It is available in two sizes and is compatible with every grinder. The Speedi Edge Mini fits our Metabo 5" grinder and others.

Simply attach your grinder to the Speedi Edge using the 2 supplied bolts. The 2 spherical bearings on the Speedi Edge are to help you reach the angled fixations you may find on some machines.

The last step is to calibrate the Speedi Edge/Grinder assembly:

  • Place on flat surface.
  • Press the head of your grinder with one hand.
  • Release the brake.
  • Position the block against the back of the grinder.
  • Re-clamp the break.