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Niagara Machine is truly a one-stop surface prep shop. Get all your polished concrete maintenance accessories in one place. We have it all from microfiber pads and gloves to burnishing and maintenance pads!

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  • Pair of Work Gloves Pair of Work Gloves Pair of Work Gloves

    Pair of Work Gloves

    Niagara Machine Inc. or DiamaPro Gloves in Large or Extra Large. The palms of these gloves are coated with a natural rubber to protect your fingers and palms from abrasion; the rough textured surface gives you extra gripping power too. The knuckles...

  • Black Floor Stripping Pad

    Black Floor Stripping Pad

    Black floor stripping pads are very aggressive stripping pads. It is designed to be used to wet strip a floor. High quality abrasive and materials make this an efficient tool for complete floor finish removal.

    $18.75 - $80.00
  • Heat Pad Heat Pad

    Heat Pad

    Burnish with Heat 90 degrees plus heat to bond your silicate coatings. Uses a unique heat shield and is two sided for twice the life. Has a special blend of natural & synthetic fibers.

    $32.50 - $295.00
  • Ultra White Finish Pad

    Ultra White Finish Pad

    White Polish floor pad. A non-abrasive dry polishing floor pad for slow speed floor machines. The White-Polish pad will level scratches for a high luster.

    $20.00 - $80.00
  • Ultra Red Clean Pad

    Ultra Red Clean Pad

    Red-Auto Scrub/Light Clean floor pad. A light abrasive floor pad for light cleaning. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over. The pad can be used under automatic scrubber machines for nightly cleaning schedules.

    $25.00 - $30.00
  • sparkle-pad-front sparkle-pad-back

    Sparkle Pads

    DiamaPro Systems' Sparkle Maintenance Pads are the ideal solution for surface maintenance, cleaning and rejuvenation. They are available in various sizes and multiple grits to accommodate any job size and requirement. 

    $19.99 - $89.99
  • Trimaco Easy Mask Tape and Drape

    Trimaco Easy Mask Tape and Drape

    Easy Mask Tape & Drape with PerfectEdge Tape 1.8m x 22m - pack of 6 Trimaco's Easy Mask Tape and Drape Pre-taped Masking Film is perfect protection for use in areas where straight lines are needed. Tape is applied along one edge of 0.5 mil...

  • Honeywell Safety Glasses A700 Clear

    Honeywell Safety Glasses A700 Clear

    Tough polycarbonate lens is impact-resistant; lightweight wraparound style offers 180° field of distortion-free vision and extended side protection Flexible and lightweight temples; padded rubber tips for all-day comfort and improved grip; rests...

  • Dynamic Recycled White Wiping Cloths

    Dynamic Recycled White Wiping Cloths

    Dynamic #10 8lb box of recycled white wiping cloths.  Washed, recycled absorbent cotton knits. All purpose clean up rag. The painter’s choice for painting, staining and cleaning.

  • ASR Razor Blades 100pk

    ASR Razor Blades 100pk

    Precision ground high carbon steel knife blades Blade body has knock outs for securing in tool head Heavy duty carbon steel Long lasting world famous duro edge Great for paint prep glass scraping and box cutting Fits all window scrappers and box...

  • 3M Corded Ear Plugs

    3M Corded Ear Plugs

    Soft, corded earplugs conform to the unique shape of each ear for excellent hearing protection and comfort. Comfortable, cloth cord helps prevent earplug loss. Tapered design fits comfortably in the ear canal and offers a smooth, dirt-resistant surface...

  • EZ Finishing Pad EZ Finishing Pad

    EZ Finishing Pad

    DiamaPro EZ Finishing Pads in 13 and 27-inch.  Creates a remarkable EZ Finish on concrete Engineered to provide a brilliant shine when used with guard products Great for cleaning floors prior to sealing Won’t “load up” like...

    $36.25 - $99.00
  • ShinePro Pads ShinePro Pads ShinePro Pads ShinePro Pads ShinePro Pads

    ShinePro Pads

    ShinePro® Maintenance Pads are high quality diamond-impregnated pads available in 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, and 27 inch sizes for use with LAVINA® machines, swing machines, burnishers, and auto scrubbers. The first of their kind for the...

    $22.68 - $133.43
  • ShinePro Screens ShinePro Screens ShinePro Screens

    ShinePro Screens

    ShinePro electroplated diamond screens are ideal for aggressive cleaning and restoration of floors that otherwise require a lower grit step. Typically, you can start with 600 grit diamond screens and continue with ShinePro pads. Heavily etched...

    $57.60 - $172.80


    Metzger/McGuire’s M-Flush is a voc-free single component liquid polymer specifically designed for maintaining and flushing of dual component pump dispensing systems. It can also be used to remove cured material build up on equipment, tools, pump...

    $113.33 - $450.00
22 of 22 Items