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Champ 2417

Champ 2417

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Cleaning Path: 24"
Pad Driver: Two 12 inch poly block tufted (Standard)
Pad Pressure: 55 lbs
Brushes: Two 12 inch brushes required (After-market)
Solution Tank: 17 gallons
Recovery Tank: 17 gallons
Squeegee Width: Curved, 30.3 inches
Squeegee Material: Linatex Rubber
Brush Motor: 0.33 HP (250 W) permanent magnet 175 RPM
Vacuum Motor: 3-stage, bypass, 0.54 HP
Water Lift: 50 inches
Drive Motor: 0.4 HP, permanent magnet
Drive Speed: Up to 3.1 mph
Drive Wheel: 7.9"
Batteries: 2 x 12V, 135 AH Wet Acid / 2 x 12V, 110 AH AGM
Battery Charger: On-board, 100V - 240V input
Dimensions (LxWxH): 52x23.6x44.5in
Weight: 497-530 lbs
Practical Productivity: 14,900 (sq.ft./hr.)
Theoretical Productivity: 32,100 (sq.ft./hr.)

The Champ 2417 delivers high productivity in a small package. With a 24" cleaning path, the Champ 2417 cleans 20% faster than similarly-sized 20" rider scrubbers.

  • Easy to use. A single button controls the scrub deck and the vacuum motor.
  • Maneuverable. The compact design, combined with a squeegee that swings tightly around the scrub deck, lets you pick up water during sharp turns.
  • Efficient. Scrub up to 32,100 ft2 per hour and make fewer trips to refill the machine because of the Champ 2417's sizable 17-gallon solution tank.
  • Conservation mode. Press the green leaf button to operate the scrubber with minimal water flow, chemical usage, brush speed and vacuum motor speed for maximum water and power efficiency.