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BP-505 Side View

BP-505 w/ BP-9-54 Steel Dust Collector

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Production Capacity: SSPC-SP6 825-1200sq.ft/hr SSPC-SP10 425-800sq.ft/hr
Blast Pattern: 20"
Travel Speed: 0-50ft/min
Motor: 30hp
Voltage: 400/440/480 3-phase
Amperage: 50-60Hz 32 amps
Min. Generator: 75KW
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 68x29.5x65in
Weight: 2200lbs
Dust Collection: On-board
Seals: Floating liner, Urethane, Neoprene & Brush System
Distance to Edge: 4"
Power Cord Length: 100ft

The BlastPro BP-505 shot blasting machine is designed to clean steel and features modular construction that allows the machine to be dismantled and fit through a 24” manhole. The BP-505 is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way to clean and profile horizontal steel surfaces that also facilitates the immediate application of coatings. It features independent drives for each wheel which offers better turning capability.