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L20GS7 & SVX3+A Starter Package

$26,185.00 - $28,672.49
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L20GS7 & SVX3+A Package (ver24.1)

The new 20GS7 grinder is perfect for eliminating pesky cords during small to medium jobs where propane fuel can be used. This small but mighty machine paired with an SVX3+A dust collector with automatic filter cleaning allows for an array of projects to be completed.

Package includes:

  • L20GS7 Propane Grinder
  • SVX3+A Automatic Vac
  • AS-500 Air Scrubber
  • x27 Two Button Diamonds
  • Hardness Tester Kit
  • x2 Boxes of Infinity Bags
  • HGP-5 Package
  • DT-CW-5-STAR-2XHC-0016-T
  • DT-CW-5-STAR-2XHC-3040-T
  • DT-CW-5-10SEG-T
  • DT-CW-5-20SEG-NT
  • DT-CW-5-ASEG-T
  • 20lb Steel Vapor Tank
  • x3 DiamaGloves
  • Free Freight on Grinder and Vac

**Ask about the Concrete Polishing Package Add-On!

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