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$16,990.00 $14,990.00
Engine: Kawasaki FX1000V
Engine Capacity: 999cc
Propane Tank Capacity: 33.5 lbs
Main Filter: Cartridge with 30 sock filters
Filter Surface Area: 52 ft2
Filter Cleaning: Automatic
Hepa Filter Surface Area, 4 x H13: 108 ft2
Max Airflow: 736 CFM
Max Vacuum: 120 in
Longopac: Yes
Main Vacuum Hose (camlock): 3 in x 32 ft
Dimensions (LxWxH): 91 x 35 x 68 in
Weight: 1212 lbs

NEW! V38GTX Propane Dust Extractor. The largest propane vacuum on the market. Ideal for use with two large (32") grinders.


  • Tiltable filter chamber with gas springs to facilitate filter changes
  • INTEGRATED PRESEPARATOR for improved filter life
  • Dual intake port allows for connecting 2 large grinders via 3” hoses
  • Cartridge with 30 sock filters, plus 4 (four) Hepa H13 filters
  • 736 CFM and 120 inch vacuum
  • Larger and stronger turning rubber wheels in the front; Foam-filled tires in the back
  • Equipped with metal camlock attachment, two separate anti-static hoses (one for the grinder and another one for the wand), and a floor tool kit
  • FUEL MINDER with closed loop fuel management, which is highly responsive to changes in engine load, and provides optimal air-to-fuel ratio and significantly lower emissions. It also improves fuel efficiency and engine life. 

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