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Motor: Propane Engine Kawasaki FX600V, 603cc
Voltage: n/a
Amperage: n/a
Motor / Engine Power: 19HP / 14.2kW
Propane Tank Capacity: 20lbs / 9kg
Main Filter: Cassette with 15 sock filters
Filter Surface Area: 26 sq.ft. / 2.4 sq. m.
Filter Cleaning: Jet Pulse Automatic
HEPA Filter Surface Area: 53 sq. ft. / 5 sq. m.
CFM: 410 CFM
Water Lift Max: 120in / 0.3 bar
Longopac: yes
Main Vacuum Hose (Camlock): 3in x 32ft / 75mm x 10m
Dimensions (LxWxH): 59x30x64in / 149x74x164cm
Weight: 850lbs / 384kg

V32G-X Model Features:

  • Fully automatic Jet Pulse filter cleaning system with an adjustable filter cleaning interval;
  • An option for "forced" cleaning when needed, plus, an option for manual cleaning in emergencies;
  • 410 CFM with a powerful turbine and integrated pre-separator for more efficient dust collection; water lift - 120 in.
  • Main filter area with 15 filter socks, and 26 square feet filter surface;
  • 2 x HEPA filters H13, and 54 square feet Hepa filter surface;
  • Propane engine Kawasaki FX600V, 19 hp;
  • Easy access to the filters for reduced maintenance;
  • Longopac bagging system for convenient dust disposal;
  • Comes equipped with 2 antistatic hoses with camlock hose connectors, floor wand, dry floor bruch, and rubber cuff.



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