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TVX-A-480V HEPA-Filtered Vac USED

TVX-A-480V HEPA-Filtered Vac USED

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Voltage: 480V
Filter Cleaning: Automatic
Filtration Class: HEPA
Dust Disposal: Infinity Bags
Theoretical CFM: 350
Theoretical Waterlift: 110
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 41x24x67 in
Weight: 373lbs

DiamaPro Systems Three-Phase industrial vacuum for jobsite dust collection.


  • Automatic Filter Cleaning without ever stopping suction
  • No Sock Filter: (Sock filters are an inefficient way to separate dust as they get clogged very easily)
  • Distribution box on both units
  • Plugs are included
  • Durable casters and frame