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Tiger 12-1700 USED

Tiger 12-1700 USED

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Power Output: Adjustable up to 1700W
Lamp Type: Xe/Hg
Cure Width: 12in
Input Voltage: 90-250V, 47-63Hz
Input Current: 7-15A
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12x19x11.5in
Weight: 39lbs

Packing a powerful 1700W, 12” UV light, the Tiger makes the site-applied to businesses of all sizes. Like all of HID Ultraviolet’s equipment, the Tiger features HID’s patented shutterless instant-on technology, allowing for the machine to be used immediately after squeezing the trigger and improving safety by disabling the light source when not in use or in dangerous conditions, such as being tilted back. The Tiger is the most economical piece of floor curing equipment in the world - The Tiger features a graphic display with speed readout and an indicator to beep at the operator when the machine is being moved too fast, to prevent under-curing of coatings.