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speedi edge stand up edger on an angle

Speedi-Edge SU

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Power: 110 volt
Motor Output: 1 HP
RPM Variable Speed: Variable Speed Up to 8500 RPM
Machine Head: (1) 7" head
Grinding Width: 7"
Grinding Pressure: 20lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28"x38"x22"

The DiamaPro Systems Speedi-Edge SU is an affordable edge solution for smaller surface preparation projects. Simplifies working with edges, saving time and labor costs. It is designed to operate while standing, avoiding wear on knees and back. It’s light weight helps reduce user fatigue and is easy to transport.


  • Perfect for edging and small grinding jobs
  • Guide handle allows control and pressure application to the center of the tool
  • LED headlight to easily see the grinding area
  • No more back and knee pain from kneeling on the floor to hand grind
  • Connects to any SVX series dust collector
  • Comfortable and user friendly
  • Convertible shroud for easy grinding against a wall