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DX26-P, SVX3A, and AS-500 Starter Package

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The DX26-P starter pack is perfect for eliminating pesky cords during medium to large jobs where propane fuel can be used. The substantial weight along with the combination of an SVX3-A HEPA-filtered dust collector and AS-500 air scrubber allows an array of projects to be completed.

This package includes:

  • DX26-P Floor Grinder
  • SVX3-A 110V Vac
  • AS-500 Air Scrubber
  • DT-TP-2BAR QTY 36
  • HGP-5 PACKAGE (includes 5” Hand grinder, Shroud, and Loop Handle)

The DX26-P is direct drive propane concrete floor grinder delivers best in class durability and performance. It was engineered with the operator in mind. It is user friendly and can handle the most demanding grinding jobs.

The SVX3-A is a three motor, automatic, self-pulsing 110V 30A distribution dust collector. The automatic filter cleaning technology ensures constant suction and performance. DiamaPro Systems automatic filter cleaning technology independently cleans each filter without any stop in suction. This technology makes the DiamaPro SVX3-A unique. Nonstop suction and nonstop production. The SVX Automatic series also features a basket for carrying tools, large 6 inch casters, and a robust frame. 

The AS-500 HEPA-filtered air scrubber is the most compact, portable unit in our popular line of high performance air scrubbers. The AS-500 features a 22”x24” footprint and stands only 14” tall. Weighing less than 35lbs and featuring a molded handle and stackable design, it is easy to carry, transport, and store. The AS-500 stands alone with no ducting attached.


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