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Metzger McGuire

If you are in the commercial concrete restoration industry and are tasked with restoring concrete surfaces, concrete floors, or a concrete slab, then Metzger/McGuire concrete repair chemicals need to be on your job site. 

 Metzger/McGuire concrete repair products are an industry first as this exceptional brand launched the first semi-rigid joint filler - the Metzger/McGuire concrete repair MM-80. They are an industry leader in the development of rapid setting polyurea joint filler and concrete repair products for concrete surfaces, concrete floors, or a concrete slab. These first-of-their-kind concrete repair products have earned them the respect of all suppliers of concrete repair products. Whether you need to repair concrete surfaces, concrete floors, or a concrete slab, the Metzger/McGuire concrete repair products can get it done. 

Innovative Design for Total Protection of All Concrete Surfaces

The Metzger/McGuire brand is synonymous with innovative design and total protection of all concrete surfaces including both concrete floors and concrete slabs. Their products help to restore structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to industrial concrete surfaces like those found on warehouse and distribution center floors, as well as on the heavily polished concrete floors found in high-volume foot traffic environments like retail stores and educational institutions.

Wide Range of Concrete Repair Products

Metzger/McGuire offers a wide range of concrete repair products beyond their signature MM-80. Their full line of products include epoxy and polyurea waxing products that allow concrete repair professionals to install an interruption free shine on the full gambit of concrete floor and concrete slab surfaces. Metzger/McGuire concrete repair products are also used by countless concrete repair professionals to fill joints and repair cracks in concrete surfaces, as well as repair both aesthetic blemishes and other structure weakness in both polished and unpolished concrete floors and concrete slab surfaces. They are sure to have the right product for all your concrete repair jobs. Metzger/McGuire concrete repair products also come in a wide range of colors so you can closely or exactly match your concrete floors or concrete slabs to the existing or new finish.

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