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Primer Plus

Primer Plus

Color: Green
Size: 2.64 Gallons
Concrete Restoration & Repair: Primers & Bonding Agents

ProSpec Level Set Primer Plus is a highly concentrated film-forming dispersion for priming very dense, smooth, nonabsorbent substrates such as terrazzo, marble, metal decking, ceramic and quarry tile.


  • Provides maximum adhesion and seal between the substrate and the underlayment or topping
  • Solvent free
  • Water-based
  • Rapid drying
  • Excellent bond
  • Non-flammable

For use over:

  • Most non-porous subfloors
  • Moisture mitigation coatings
  • Steel
  • Properly prepared cutback adhesive or non-soluble adhesive residue
  • Wooden substrates including plywood