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Horsepower: 2.45HP
Voltage (50/60 Hz): 1ph x 100-115V
Amperage: 16 Amp
Dedicated Breaker Required: 20 Amp
Minimum Generator Required: 7.5KW
Grinding Pressure: 113 lbs
Additional Weight Up To: up to 74 lbs
# of Additional Weights: 4 x 18.5 lbs
Attachment Speed: 300-500 rpm
Working Width: 20in
Tool Holder Diameter: 3x7in
Tool Diameter: 3x7in
Application: Wet or Dry
Dust-Vacuum: Yes
Water Feeding (w/pump): Peripheral
Water Tank Capacity: 5.2gal
Cable Length: no cable
Dimensions (L x W x H): 59in x 21in x 42in
Hour Meter: 159

The LAVINA® 21-X is the perfect machine for those who are just getting started in the grinding and polishing industry. It is designed for small projects on a budget.

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