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Used Concrete Scarifiers & Shavers

Demo and used concrete scarifiers for sale that work like new!

All used/demo equipment has been thoroughly inspected by Niagara Machine’s Service Team and returned to top working condition. Take a look at our line-up of used scarifiers for sale.  If you don’t mind a scratch or a dent here and there you can get a bargain! While the look of a unit may not be perfect in appearance it will not affect the machine's performance. 

Our demo/used concrete flooring equipment comes complete with all the proper accessories. If an original part is worn out, Niagara’s Service Team will have replaced it before it hits our used equipment list.

First come, first served!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a limitless supply of used equipment. Once it’s sold, it’s gone. Sometimes, an item may have been sold out before our website has had a chance to get updated. We apologize if this happens to you. If it does we work with you to find another suitable option.

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