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Champ 3329

Champ 3329

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Brush/Pad: Two 17in
Brush Motor: 36V, permanent magnet, gear motors
Brush Motor HP: 2.5HP
Speed: 300RPM
Pressure: 115lbs, 230lbs
Pad Drivers: Two 17in poly back tufted
Vacuum Motors: 36V, 3 Stage bypass, tangential discharge
Vacuum Motors HP: 0.75
Drive Speed: Variable; forward 0-240 ft/min, reverse 0-170 ft/min
Drive Wheel: 12in x 4in tread, nonmarking rubber, slip-resistant with slip grip tread
Batteries: 350AH or 305 AH AGM
Dimensions: 69x43x53in

33-inch ride-on autoscrubber with with a curved squeegee and 29-gal solution tank.