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BP-9-54 Dust Collector

BP-9-54 Dust Collector

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Voltage: 460 3 phase (steel) or 230/460 3 phase
Amperage: 11.9 Full Load Amps
Max Air Flow: 1200 cfm
Max Static Pressure: 23 inches H2O lift
Dust Bin Capacity: 259lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 57”x35.5”x68”
Weight (lbs): 975
Power Cord: 75ft
Vacuum Hose Diameter/Length: 6"x50'


The BlastPro BP 9-54 is a state of the art hepa dust collection system which is recommended for use with the BP-10 and BP-15 Super. The BlastPro BP 9-54 Steel is recommended for use with the BP 20-40 and BP-505.  The 1,200 CFM dust collector has 9 filters. The filters are automatically cleaned every 13 seconds. The large dust bin enables the contractor to blast for extended periods of time. The BP 9-54 also features two additional 2” vacuum inlets to allow for additional equipment such as grinders or edgers to be operated simultaneously with the dust collector. 


• The electrical box and components are engineered and constructed by a UL508A Control Panel Provider.
• Has a higher cubic feet per minute air flow, holds 50% more dust, and has 3 additional filters.
• The BP 9-54 uses hepa filters, has two 2” duct ports which enables simultaneous operation of additional blasters or grinders
• The dust collector can be customized to the buyer's specifications (additional duct ports or different sizes can be added)
• The type W 4/4 electrical cord is the toughest and most wear resistant cord available