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Champ 3529

Champ 3529

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Brush/Pad: Two 18in
Brush Motor: 36V, permanent magnet, gear motors
Brush Motor HP: 2.5HP
Speed: 220-300
Pressure: 115lbs, 230lbs
Pad Drivers: Two 18in poly back tufted
Vacuum Motor: 36V, 3 Stage bypass, tangential discharge
Vacuum Motor HP: 1HP
Drive Speed: Variable; forward 0-240 ft/min, reverse 0-170 ft/min
Drive Wheel: 12in x 4in tread, nonmarking rubber, slip-resistant with slip grip tread
Batteries: 350AH or 305 AH AGM
Dimensions (LxWxH): 69x43x53in

The Champ series scrubbers from NSS® are the ride-ons with big ride-on power. Their 36V electrical system package delivers up to 30 percent more run time than a comparably configured 24V machine, so the Champs give you more of what you expect from a ride-on autoscrubber.

  • Maneuverability: the single front-drive wheel turns 90 degrees in both directions—unlike most of its competitors—so it needs only 67-70 inches in which to turn around.
  • Power: with its 1 HP drive motor and powerful 36V power system, the Champ 2929 has guts enough to power up most loading ramps.
  • More Wet Vacuuming Power: 60-in of water lift on the 2929 and 3329, and 80-in on the 3529—substantially more wet vacuuming power than most other mach
  • ines in their class.
  • On-Board Battery Charging: allows instantaneous charging of the batteries wherever there’s an electric outlet—no more hauling out separate battery chargers. 2929 model available with 225 AH or 325 AH batteries. The 3529 and 3329 models feature the heavy-duty 325 AH batteries.
  • Available in 29, 33, and 35-in widths.