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Wooster 18" Original Sherlock WIde Boy Frame

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Sherlock Wideboy features extra-strength wing nut design to adjust and hold the frame arms. Simply loosen wingnuts, slide the arms to the desired width, insert the roller cover, then tighten wingnuts. Works with 12" to 18" covers and R087 and R088 endcaps. Rigid tubular steel resists pressure for excellent results on floors, walls, or ceilings. The Wooster Brush Company has been manufacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools right out of Wooster, Ohio USA since 1851. Our trade names include Ultra/Pro, Advantage, Yachtsman, Shortcut paintbrushes; Super/Fab, Super Doo-Z roller covers; Sherlock frames and extension poles; Jumbo-Koter minirollers; and Prep Crew surface prep tools. You can feel confident knowing Wooster is the name behind your painting tools. 


  • Adjusts to hold roller covers 12" to 18" long
  • 1-1/2" standard or 2-1/4" jumbo diameter
  • All nap heights
  • Rigid tubular steel frame arms
  • Durable fiberglass reinforced nylon body
  • Reinforced threads Sherlock GT compatible
  • Peggable
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