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Financing as low as $365/mo.

Horsepower: 15HP
Voltage: 3ph x 200-240V
Amperage: 45Amp
Dedicated Breaker Requirement: 45Amp
Generator Recommendation: 33KW
Weight of Machine: 695lbs
Grinding Pressure: 370lbs
Additional Weight: up to 128lbs
# of Additional Weights: 2 x 64lbs
Attachment Speed: 300-1100rpm
Working Width: 25in
Tool Holder Diameter: 3x9in
Tool Diameter: 3x9in
Application: Wet or Dry
Dust Collection: Required
Water Feeding: inside/front spray
Water Tank Capacity: 12gal
Cable Length: 57ft
Third Wheel: optional
Max. Recommended Grade: 15%
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 74x 27x 46in
Crate Dimensions (LxWxH): 62x 29 x 43in

LAVINA 25LM-X is a new 25-inch self-propelled grinding and polishing machine - a second motor propels the machine forward, and the operator just needs to glide it in the right direction. The self-propelled action simplifies operation and minimizes the risk of the operator going too fast or too slow. Featuring a powerful 15 hp motor and 500 lbs of grinding pressure (with weights), this is a very productive and versatile grinder, suitable for large and small projects.

  • 25-inch work path
  • 3x9-inch heads
  • A new chain drive provides more durable planetary rotation and reduces downtime for maintenance
  • New window on the base for quick and easy access to the drive system

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