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Financing as low as $415/mo.

Propane Engine Capacity: 603cc, 36.8 cu in
Engine: Kawasaki FX 600V
Weight of Machine: 608lbs
Grinding Pressure: 368lbs
Additional Weight: up to 128lbs
# of Additional Weights: 2 x 64lbs
Tool Holder RPM: 570-1030rpm
Engine RPM: 2000-3600rpm
Working Width: 25in
Tool Holder Diameter: 3 x 9in
Application: Wet or Dry
Dust Collection: Required
Water Feeding: inside/front spray
Water Tank Capacity: 5.2gal
Propane Tank Capacity: 20lbs
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 76 x 27 x 47in
Crate Dimensions (LxWxH): 58 x 32 x 62in

Featuring our new conversion kit with closed loop fuel management that is highly responsive to changes in engine load, and provides optimal air-to-fuel ratio and better fuel range. With the new kit, L25-GTX can be run between 570 and 1030 RPMs which allows for more effective grinding and improved tooling life.

L25-GTX can be converted to 30-inch - L30G-X with 3x13.2-inch heads and a low-profile skirt