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  1. DiamaPro 27" Burnisher

    DiamaPro 27" Burnisher

    The DiamaPro 27" Propane Burnisher Is perfect for hard to reach areas. Comes Standard with dust control that removes up to 92% of air particulates. Learn More
  2. eForce Burnisher

    eForce Burnisher

    The eForce Burnisher is a battery powered ride-on that features the best burnishing technology in the industry combined with the superior productivity of a riding platform. It features a patent-pending joystick control that makes it simple to control and less fatiguing to drive, a touch pad control panel, and a front mounted burnishing head that allows coverage into corners that center mounted machines cannot. Learn More
  3. LAVINA® B36G-S

    LAVINA® B36G-S

    36-inch propane burnisher 9 Three 14’’ heads and flexible head design 9 High productivity with limited downtime 9 Durable design and heavy duty motor 9 Recommended tools - 14” ShinePro® pads Learn More

3 Item(s)

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