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  1. SMITH FS200™

    SMITH FS200™

    SMITH FS200™ combination scarifier/grinder with feathering wheel is the perfect for users looking for a simple all-in-one lightweight, portable solution to remove coatings, surfce-prep and lightly scarify any floor surface with a variety of optional cutter drums to produce SP3 - SP9 surface profiles. Specify your power requirements from 2HP 110V, 3HP 220V, electric motors and 5HP and 9 HP Gas powered engines, Get close to walls with edger attachments, the SMITH FS200™ is built in the USA by SMITH Manufacturing, the #1 name in surface preparation equipment and cutter tools

    Electric Manual

    Gas Manual


    Cutter Selection Guide

    Learn More
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  2. Mini Trailer

    Mini Trailer

    Trailer designed for the S26 Learn More
  3. W2000/2


    The W2000/2 is ideal to reduce the water consumption dramatically! When cutting the used water that is pumped to the saw is extracted and then put through the pre separation tank, moves through the main tank filter bag and screen. It is then pumped back to saw to be re-used. This saves costly hauling of water and disposal of slurry and water.A slurry vacuum that extracts the slurry and filters the liquid into usable cleaner water. Then with its high pressure oil cooled pump, you can either re-use the water by pumping back to your tool, or to a containment tank to dispose of later.

    Purchase your AQUAmaxx - click here!

    Purchase your ECO-Quickgel - click here!

    Learn More
  4. Lavina 20N-Pro

    Lavina 20N-Pro

    The LAVINA 20N® Pro concrete grinder with three-head planetary movement machine is great for residential and smaller commercial jobs. There’s little need for additional edge work with this machine due to its 20” wide grinding and polishing path whose tools touch the rim of the skirt, this leaves a minute amount of distance to the edge (only 5mm.) If you choose to use this dry, this Lavina concrete grinder connects to the Lavina 1150 vacuum system, or, it can also connect to any typical vacuum that is used with tools such as this in residential use. Learn More
  5. T-12600


    The T-12600 is truly unique in the industry. With its incredible power (17.5HP & 647CFM) and massive pre-filter area over 40 sq. ft., the T-12600 will change the way many contractors choose to grind and polish concrete floors. It allows you to grind with a single grinder for an entire work shift, without a pre-separator and without stopping your grinder to clean or purge filters. To run two grinders, just add a C5500 pre-separator between each and the T-12600 will still have plenty of airflow and filter efficiency to grind uninterrupted for hours! Learn More
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  6. Champ 3529

    Champ 3529

    The Champ 3529 is a ride-on automatic scrubber with a 35in scrub path and a 46in curved squeegee, a 29-gal solution tank and oversized 32-gal recovery tank.

    Options include:

    • 35-in Ride-On Scrubber with Six (6) 6V 350 AH Batteries 
    • 35-in Ride-On Scrubber with Six (6) 6V 330 AH Discover AGM Batteries 
    • 35-in Ride-On Scrubber with Six (6) 6V 350 AH Batteries & Sidekick Chemical Metering System 
    • 35-in Ride-On Scrubber with Six (6) 6V 350 AH Batteries and Whisker Vacuumized Pre-sweep
    Learn More

    Starting at: $19,610.00

  7. Wrangler 2016 BATTERY-POWERED Pad Assist Autoscrubber

    Wrangler 2016 BATTERY-POWERED Pad Assist Autoscrubber

    20-inch battery-powered pad assist Autoscrubber with with straight or curved squeegee, 1 Tuft Pad Driver, Wet Pick-up Kit (#2392129), and On-Board Battery Charger.

    Options include:

    • Straight squeegee with Two 12V 130 AH Batteries 
    • Straight squeegee with Four 6V 235 AH Batteries 
    • Curved squeegee with Two 12V 130 AH Batteries 
    • Curved squeegee with Four 6V 235 AH Batteries 
    • Curved squeegee with Four 6V 220 AH Discover AGM Batteries
    Learn More

    Starting at: $6,023.00

  8. VS-25


  9. Hammerhead 26-8000

    Hammerhead 26-8000

    With 8000W of lamp power and a 26" cure width, the Hammerhead series is useful for curing very large areas such as gymnasiums and warehouses in practically no time at all. It is self propelled and also features an air knife to help protect temperature sensitive substrates. A 6000W model is available upon request. Learn More
  10. SMITH SPS8™


    The SMITH SPS8™ is the no-frills economy model built on the SMITH SPS10™ chassis , it is best suited for simple scarification applications with available cutter drum options and powered in electric or gas motor options.

    Electric Manual

    Gas Manual

    Cutter Selection Guide

    Learn More
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  11. Terrco Edger

    Terrco Edger

    3HP, 230 Volt, single phase, 60HZ, edge grinder with three position articulating grinding head, height adjustment for different styles of cup wheels, dry guard with adjustable rollers for wall spacing Learn More
  12. V-20-230


  13. 2000 LV3

    2000 LV3

    15 HP, 3 phase,230 Volt, 60HZ, four disc floor grinder, wet/dry setup, stainless steel guards and tank, 24" wide path
    2000 VAR

    Learn More

    Starting at: $15,500.00

  14. LAVINA® 32-X

    LAVINA® 32-X

    The 20 HP LAVINA 32-X is one of our heaviest and most powerful machines, featuring 20 hp motor, 700 lbs grinding pressure (up to 825 lbs with weights), six 9-inch heads and chain-driven forced planetary movement. It is the ideal solution for large commercial projects! This model is most commonly ordered as a 'high voltage' unit (380/480 Volt), but is also available in 220 Volt. This machine features an entirely new double chain driven planetary system, designed to provide more durable planetary rotation and reduced maintenance, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity. It also has an updated main heads driving system with two timing belts that allows more aggressive grinding with 3 heads and fast polish with 6 heads.


    Training Video

    Learn More
  15. Dustless Joint Saw

    Dustless Joint Saw

    Features heavy duty construction with one piece rigid handle design, blade lift lower arm and a quick blade depth adjustment knob. There is also a convenient blade wrench storage location and locking blade guard that requires no tools for easy removal. Extra large 2” dust port for excellent dust control and Large 4”X 2” wheels with precision bearings. Power 120 volts - 15 amps 6600 r.p.m. Cutting depth adjustable - 3 inch max Motor Metabo W24-230 Required blade 8-10 inch Arbor 5/8 inch 7/8 inch blade clamp adapter Learn More
  16. T8600 Propane

    T8600 Propane

    With 18HP, 410 CFM and a 115” water lift the T8600 Propane is the strongest and safest propane vacuum on the market. Electrical power supply is hard to come by on many jobs so propane units are needed. Pullman Ermator makes the best direct drive with magnetic clutch system that puts all the power to the turbine. Dry cutting and grinding saves expensive disposal costs of wet slurry and water. It is also more productive and leaves job sites cleaner.

    Purchase this Vac's Trailer - click here!

    Purchase this Vac's Pre-Separator - click here!

    Learn More
  17. Side Mount

    Side Mount

    Side Mount designed for T10000 Learn More
  18. Champ 2929

    Champ 2929

    29-inch battery powered, ride-on autoscrubber

    Options available:

    • Six (6) 6V 330 AH Discover AGM Batteries 
    • Six (6) 6V 350 AH Batteries and Whisker Vacuumized Pre-sweep
    • Six (6) 6V 220 AH Discover AGM Batteries 
    • Six (6) 6V 235 AH Batteries & Sidekick Chemical Metering System 
    • Six (6) 6V 350 AH Batteries
    • Six (6) 6V 235 AH Batteries 
    Learn More

    Starting at: $17,903.00

  19. Wrangler 1503 Compact Scrubbers

    Wrangler 1503 Compact Scrubbers

    15-inch compact autoscrubber with 18-in curved squeegee, ergonomic handles, two 8-inch rear wheels and swivel front casters. 

    Options include:

    Battery-powered with Two 12V 35 AH Gel Batteries (AB)

    Cord-electric 115-V. and 49' Cord (AE)

    Learn More

    Starting at: $2,851.00

  20. C-1300


    A 8.72 gallon pre-separator with built in vacuum equalizer for use with a plastic bag

    Designed for S13 and S26 Learn More
  21. Tiger 12-1700S

    Tiger 12-1700S

    The Tiger 12-1700S is an ultra-portable entry-level 1700W floor machine. With a 12" cure path and low price, it is the perfect machine to get started with site-applied UV curing. The state of the art electronic ballast designed by HID Ultraviolet allows for the machine to weigh less than 40 lbs, while retaining all of the same Instant Start/Hot Restrike capabilities of HID's larger equipment. The machine features a speed readout, multiple languages options on the display, and universal voltage input. Learn More
  22. Wrangler 1710

    Wrangler 1710

    WRANGLER 1710 AB with On-Board Battery Charger, One Tuft Pad Driver, and Curved Squeegee, 17-in Autoscrubber with Two (2) 12V 115 AH Batteries Learn More
  23. V-25L-230


    LAVINA VACUUM V-25L,1ph, 230V, 3.9 + 2hp/318cfm/ 22.2Amps/4.9kW(3.45kW motor and 1.5kW compressor), AUTOMATIC CLEANING, INCLUDING D40 ACC KIT, D60 HOSE 8M, LONGOPAC, 3 FILTER CARTRIDGES AND A SIDE INLET Learn More
  24. SMITH FS351™

    SMITH FS351™

    One machine Shaves, Profiles or Scarifies floor surfaces up to 15" wide per pass. Only the SMITH brand FS351™ is a self-propel Surfacer with the flexibility and power to to prepare your floor surfaces with controlled surface finishes from CSP3 - CSP 10 properly with the selected optional cutter drums to strip, level, prep, groove, cut, abrade, remove and more up to 15" wide, dust-free.

    Gas Manual

    Propane Manual

    Cutter Selection Guide


    Learn More
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  25. 3100LP-K


    40HP, water cooled LP gas engine, four head floor grinder with stainless steel guards and tank, 28" wide path Learn More

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