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  1. 244 Salt Screen Additive

    244 Salt Screen Additive

    Consolideck® 244 Salt Screen Additive is a pre-measured, water-based, VOC compliant silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen concentrate specially formulated for mixing with Consolideck® LS® or LS/CS®. Learn More

    Starting at: $601.45

  2. Blended Densifier

    Blended Densifier

    Blended Densifier 5 gallon penetrating, economical treatment for steel-troweled & burnished concrete floors Consolideck® Blended Densifier is a blend of silicates designed specifically for steel-troweled or burnished concrete floors. This penetrating, economical treatment reacts with the concrete to quickly create a harder, denser surface. Blended Densifier is safer and easier to apply than conventional sodium silicate hardeners. Learn More
  3. LS/CS Hardener/Densifier

    LS/CS Hardener/Densifier

    Consolideck® LS/CS® provides a safe, economical alternative to conventional sodium or potassium silicate surface hardeners. This penetrating lithium-silicate treatment reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Learn More

    Starting at: $27.60

  4. LS

    LS Hardener/Densifier

    Consolideck® LS® is the premium sealer, hardener and densifier for concrete surfaces. This deeply penetrating lithium silicate treatment penetrates and reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Treated surfaces resist damage by water, chemical attack or surface abrasion. Learn More

    Starting at: $43.54

  5. Cleaner Degreaser

    Cleaner Degreaser

    An environmentally responsible alternative to industrial degreasing solvents, Consolideck® Cleaner/Degreaser scours widespread oil and grease films, adhesive tape residues and rubber tire marks and scuffs from concrete floors. Cleaner/Degreaser cuts through greasy fuel and oil residues and atmospheric soiling without using the harsh acids, caustics and solvents common to many other industrial degreasers. It’s perfect for prepping greasy, grimy floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, machine shops and other industrial sites for protective treatments and coatings that improve floors’ appearance and performance, and extend service life. It is compatible with all Consolideck® protective treatments, hardener-densifiers and color coats and stains. Learn More

    Starting at: $46.90

5 Item(s)

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