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  1. Rapid Refloor XP

    Rapid Refloor XP

    Rapid Refloor XP is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. When cured, Rapid Refloor XP is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 75-80. Learn More


    Spal-Pro RSF is a rapid setting, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler specially formulated for use in a wider range of temperatures than typical polyurea joint fillers. RSF’s innovative chemistry is ideally suited for application in low temperature applications such as industrial freezer/cooler buildings and allows for traffic access in as little as 3-5 hours at subzero temperatures. With a Shore A Hardness of A88-94 RSF provides superior joint edge protection in even the most demanding settings. Learn More

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  3. MM-80 / MM-80P

    MM-80 / MM-80P

    MM-80 is the industry’s first standard heavy duty, semi rigid epoxy joint filler and remains today the “industry standard” in floor joint protection. MM-80 is designed to fill and protect saw cut contraction and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. MM-80’s Shore A Hardness of 90-95 ensures joint edge support and protection in even the most demanding, highly trafficked settings. For larger projects, MM-80 is also available in a specially rebalanced formula designed for use with dual component pumps. MM-80P is ratioed at 1:1 and packaged in 10 gallon bulk kits. Learn More
  4. SPAL-PRO RS 88

    SPAL-PRO RS 88

    In retail and polished concrete floors, Spal-Pro RS 88 Rapid Set, Semi-Rigid Polyurea joint filler is an ideal choice for joint edge protection. Its rapid cure time allows for faster floor access for traffic and polishing applications. With a Shore A Hardness of 88-92, Spal-Pro RS 88 offers optimal joint edge protection with better lateral movement properties and reduced staining and discoloration when compared to standard epoxy joint filler. **600ml cartridge price is for a case of 6** Learn More
  5. RAPID REFLOOR PIT GROUT (case of 6)


    Metzger/McGuire’s Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a two component, 100% solids low viscosity structural polyurethane designed to repair micro level defects such as pin holes, scratches, gouges, pitting and other defects in the concrete surface. When applied as a flood coat and ground off the surface Pit Grout restores micro-defects and can enhance surface gloss in polished concrete floors. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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