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  1. Rapid Refloor XP

    Rapid Refloor XP

    Rapid Refloor XP is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. When cured, Rapid Refloor XP is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 75-80. Learn More


    Spal-Pro RSF is a rapid setting, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler specially formulated for use in a wider range of temperatures than typical polyurea joint fillers. RSF’s innovative chemistry is ideally suited for application in low temperature applications such as industrial freezer/cooler buildings and allows for traffic access in as little as 3-5 hours at subzero temperatures. With a Shore A Hardness of A88-94 RSF provides superior joint edge protection in even the most demanding settings. Learn More

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  3. SPAL-PRO RS 88

    SPAL-PRO RS 88

    In retail and polished concrete floors, Spal-Pro RS 88 Rapid Set, Semi-Rigid Polyurea joint filler is an ideal choice for joint edge protection. Its rapid cure time allows for faster floor access for traffic and polishing applications. With a Shore A Hardness of 88-92, Spal-Pro RS 88 offers optimal joint edge protection with better lateral movement properties and reduced staining and discoloration when compared to standard epoxy joint filler. Learn More
  4. RAPID REFLOOR PIT GROUT (case of 6)


    Metzger/McGuire’s Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a two component, 100% solids low viscosity structural polyurethane designed to repair micro level defects such as pin holes, scratches, gouges, pitting and other defects in the concrete surface. When applied as a flood coat and ground off the surface Pit Grout restores micro-defects and can enhance surface gloss in polished concrete floors. Learn More
  5. MM-80 / MM-80P

    MM-80 / MM-80P

    MM-80 is the industry’s first standard heavy duty, semi rigid epoxy joint filler and remains today the “industry standard” in floor joint protection. MM-80 is designed to fill and protect saw cut contraction and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. MM-80’s Shore A Hardness of 90-95 ensures joint edge support and protection in even the most demanding, highly trafficked settings. For larger projects, MM-80 is also available in a specially rebalanced formula designed for use with dual component pumps. MM-80P is ratioed at 1:1 and packaged in 10 gallon bulk kits. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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