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  1. Strip & Clean

    STRIP & CLEAN 1 Gallon

    AmeriPolish Strip and Clean is a water-based stripping agent specifically formulated for the grind-free removal of AmeriPolish WB Surface Sealer from polished concrete floors that have received the AmeriPolish dyes. It is ideal for last minute colorant change requests and to prepare concrete for dye reapplication. Learn More
  2. EZ Etch

    EZ Etch

    EZ Etch from Ameripolish cleans excess mortar, embedded dirt, grease, efflorescence and various stains from concrete floors. It also opens the surface to allow for acceptance of penetrating products such as stain, overlay concrete systems, water or solvent based sealers. EZ Etch also opens up and cleans stone, stucco, terrazzo, and other custom concrete surfaces. It has also been formulated to be very environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Learn More

    Starting at: $45.00

  3. AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System

    AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System

    Ameripolish Oil Eater is an environmentally synergistic way of removing oils from surfaces. It can breakdown and consume oil based materials from multiple surfaces while absorbing odors. Oil Eater is 100% biologically driven and is therefore extremely safe for the environment. Learn More

    Starting at: $82.50

3 Item(s)

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