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AmeriPolish has always been in the fore-front of polish concrete technology, and is the leader in new product development for the polished concrete industry. Polished concrete has become the modern floor surface of choice by world class companies and retailers, hospitals and churches, schools and government buildings. The simple and relatively small cost of maintenance, and its natural beauty, is being specified by architects and designers all over the world. A finish that is not only enhanced by polishing, color or bold designs, but one that never needs wax or coatings, and is durable for years of use. Homeowners are also catching on to the value of this “hidden” floor that lay below the surface of their worn and stained tile or carpet. Concrete floors can be crafted, by using polishing techniques, to achieve different degree levels of sheen, from satin to high gloss. Great ideal for any use or decor, and can be dyed to get a unique color. You can trust AmeriPolish to perform!

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