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  1. Steel Shot

    Steel Shot

    Blasting media used in shot-blasting machines. Fully stocked at all Niagara Machine shipping locations and available for pick-up at all sales locations. Learn More
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  2. 2.5 Nyalox Wheel

    2.5 Nyalox Wheel

    This Wheel is designed to go onto the end of a drill. This wheel is for prepping and cleaning all cracks in concrete after they have been properly sawed out. This is in preparation for the properly specified Metzger McGuire repair product. Learn More
  3. Slurry Fox

    Slurry Fox

    Powered only by air, the new Slurry Fox is the mobile solution for concrete slurry processing. Separation of solids and water allows for compliant disposal. Slurry Fox is compact, simple to operate, and efficient. The slurry box has a capacity of 140 gal. and can be used as covering for transport. Because of its compact dimensions the Slurry Fox is simple to install and to use at any work location. Its innovative system and compact dimensions make the Slurry Fox an economical and ecological benefit. Learn More
  4. Solo Sprayer for Acetone

    Solo Sprayer for Acetone

    Designed specially for applying Acetone-based formulations, most alcohols and amonia. EPDM seals provide excellent protection against the effects of Acetone. Heavy-duty polyethylene tank with ultra-violet inhibitors; will not dent, crack or corrode. Learn More
  5. Rounded Tip "Flexible Bed" Spiked Shoes

    Rounded Tip "Flexible Bed" Spiked Shoes

    For walking on and in applied materials during the application and finishing processes on high-build, cementious, and decorative concrete toppings. No more punctured primer coats. These are the safest spike shoes available and feature tow and heel guards as well as a snap-lock buckle system. (7/8” Rounded Tip Spikes) Learn More
  6. Gloss Meter

    Gloss Meter

    Gloss Meter Learn More
  7. Ultra Red Clean by Niagara

    Ultra Red Clean by Niagara

    Red-Auto Scrub/Light Clean floor pad. A light abrasive floor pad for light cleaning. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over. The pad can be used under automatic scrubber machines for nightly cleaning schedules. Learn More

    Starting at: $3.73

  8. Rapid Strip

    Rapid Strip

    This pad is designed to go on the end of a standard hand grinder and is used to smooth out flush to concrete a properly applied Metzger McGuire Repair product. This is used after the repair product has properly cured. Learn More
  9. 24” Guage Rake Frame, 66” Yellow Powder-Coated aluminum Handle

    24” Guage Rake Frame, 66” Yellow Powder-Coated aluminum Handle

    A patented “goof-proof” tool which applies a range of materials at a precise, specified, and uniform depth. For use in applying decorative concrete “toppings”, self leveling/high performance floor coating materials, and underlayments in the floor-covering markets. A must have tool for the decorative concrete and floor coating contractor. Learn More
  10. Solo Funnel Top Sprayer

    Solo Funnel Top Sprayer

    Funnel top design allows easy, controlled filling. Adjustable nozzle adjusts from cone to stream patterns for multipurpose spraying. Acid resistant, nylon-reinforced hose for added durability. Tank capacity of 2.25 gallons. The tank material is HDPE, 36” hose and 25” acid resistant wand. It has a funnel top and weighs 7 lbs. Learn More
  11. Magna-Broom


    Magna-Brooms are designed to help keep work areas cleaner and safer. They make cleaning up steel shot quick and easy. Learn More
  12. Annihilator Pad

    Annihilator Pad

    The Annihilator Pad is an ultra high speed propane burnishing floor pad specially designed for concrete. It is constructed as a 1 Inch premium floor pad with an aggressive bond that contains no dyes to transfer color to your concrete floor. Annihilator Pads Will remove most cure and seals from concrete as well as clean and remove surface dirt and scuffs with ease. Annihilator is designed as a concrete Cure and Seal removal pad. Learn More

    Starting at: $3.73

  13. 4" Nyalox Wheel

    4" Nyalox Wheel

    This wheel is made to be used with a drill and is designed to clean out larger pop outs in concrete in preparation for the properly specified Metzger McGuire Repair Product. Learn More
  14. 15 Gallon Mixing Barrel

    15 Gallon Mixing Barrel

    The 15 gallon barrel (European style) with fixed side handles and sealing lid is the standard. Used to mix more cementitious materials prior to application. 15 Gallon Capacity, High-Density Polypropylene, Belted lid. Learn More
  15. Solo One Hand Sprayer

    Solo One Hand Sprayer

    This unique, one hand sprayer incorporates all the easy pump, easy fill, easy clean-up characteristics found on Solo sprayers. Features a unique fully adjustable nozzle, a drip/drift guard and a hinged, multidirectional wand assembly. With durable components and Viton® seals, repair and maintenance is easier than ever. Learn More
  16. Electric Dual Polyurea Gear Pump

    Electric Dual Polyurea Gear Pump

    This product is designed to properly apply specified Metzger MeGuire joint filler. Powered by 1/2 HP 110V electric motor. Easily change sprockets for 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. 0-.6 GPM variable speed flow control on dispensing wand. Aluminum mixing manifold with flow control. 1 1/4” steel tube frame. Easy clean polyethylene tanks. Convenience tray iwth generator storage below. Learn More


    Universal Quick Change Trapezoid Holder with 3 Holes Learn More
  18. Ultra White Finish By Niagara

    Ultra White Finish By Niagara

    White -Polish floor pad A non- abrasive dry polishing floor pad for slow speed floor machines. The White-Polish pad will level scratches for a high luster. Learn More

    Starting at: $3.73

  19. Metabo Hand Grinders

    Metabo Hand Grinders

    The 5" variable speed Metabo hand grinders with shroud are perfect for grinding in difficult to reach areas. They are great for smoothing floor bumps, removing bolts, and grinding stairs. It is an excellent tool every contractor should own. Metabo hand grinders are compatible with all Niagara Machine cup wheels. Includes: Grinder and Shroud Upgrade to 7" and receive: 7" Grinder 6500 rpm, Convertible shroud, and "D" loop handle Learn More
  20. Dust Buggy

    Dust Buggy

    The Dust Buggy is a cost effective system for your joint cleanout applications. It can be used with a 7” or 8” blade to reach a maximum cutting depth of approximately 2 inches. Connect the Dust Buggy to a dust collector to maintain a clean jobsite. 00 amp electric portable joint cleanout saw with 2” maximum cutting depth. Designed to clean out joints to prepare them for the properly specified Metzger McGurie joint fille. Learn More
  21. Solo Sprayer 407-CI

    Solo Sprayer 407-CI

    Fitted with a large, 1 GPM, 110º fan nozzle for curing compound application. Air inflation valve allows power pressurizing with an air compressor. Adjustable nozzle and .5 GPM fan nozzle included for form release, sealing, and general spraying. Heavy-duty polyethelene tank is stronger than competitors’ steel tanks. A 3 gallon capacity with a 4.5” wide mouth and 48” hose. It has a 28” unbreakable wand and weighs 7.5 lbs. Learn More
  22. Black Spiked Shoes

    Black Spiked Shoes

    Constructed of durable solvent-resistant polypropylene. Features a smap-lock buckle and 13 spcially placed spikes per shoe. Learn More
  23. RamBoard


    Ram Board is heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for Contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind, it lays out fast and is re-usable. Ram Board is non-staining and utilizes its exclusive Flex-Fiber™ & Spill Guard™ technologies allowing for the curing of new floors on jobsites while resisting water, paint, mud & more. It provides the perfect solution when protecting new or existing concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (vct), epoxy, and most other floor types. Learn More
  24. Heat by Niagara

    Heat by Niagara

    Burnish with Heat 90 degrees plus heat to bond your silicate coatings. Uses a unique heat shield and is two sided for twice the life. Has a special blend of natural & synthetic fibers. Learn More

    Starting at: $5.46

  25. 3/4" Nyalox End Brush

    3/4" Nyalox End Brush

    This brush is designed to go on the end of a drill and is used to clean out small pop outs in concrete. All of this in preparation for the properly specified Metzger McGuire Repair Product. Learn More

Items 1 to 25 of 29 total

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