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At Niagara Machine We Are All About Our Customers.


Everybody likes to make work easy for themselves, and at Niagara Machine we pride ourselves in making life easy for our customers. For the past 15 years Niagara has constantly refined the equipment and products we carry to ensure that we always provide the best the industry has to offer.

When it comes to surface prep, concrete grinding, and polishing Niagara Machine is the best in the business. While Niagara has not always been in the surface prep industry, but one thing has been consistent over our more than 55 years of business: priding ourselves in providing superior service, and the highest quality products.

Niagara is unique in the fact that we truly are a one-stop shop.

Niagara carries only the best products on the market.

Over the past 15 years we have refined our products and services to cover every foreseeable need for grinding and polishing professionals. Some companies will carry equipment lines or densifiers, but Niagara Machine is truly one of the only places where both professionals with years of experience or complete newcomers can find and be supported ona product in every aspect of surface prep. Everything is under one roof: equipment sales, rentals, densifyers, dyes, joint filler, diamonds, shot, and blades. From prep to polish to maintenance, we understand how to get the job done.

  • Not sure on which diamonds to use? No problem.
  • Don’t know which densifyer is best for your job? Don’t worry about it, give us a call.
  • Job not going the way you intended? Give one of our experienced staff a call. We are professional problem solvers.



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